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Hi ! This is a newly launched website in 22nd of September 2015, and we are hoping to keep on innovating the website to suit our customer better.

Let us introduce ourselves. We are an industry that focuses in talcum industry, mica, and sericite. In the future, we will also focuses on treated TALC. Our talc is for pharmacy, cosmetics and so on. We will start the production scheduled running on December 2015.

The machines we are using are jet mill, PMT Mill, Raymond mill, Ball mill, Impact Classifier Mill, processing machine, rotary kiln, talc drying chamber, treated machine and sterilization machine that kills bacteria.

We have laboratory equipment ranging from whiteness meter, fineness meter, Image Particle Size Analyzer, Laser Particle Size Analyzer, and so on.We are currently proposing for GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

If you need any business inquiries or more questions, feel free to email us.

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