About Us

PT.TALC POWDER INDUSTRI is a growing manufacturer specializing in talcum, mica, and sericite. We are appointed as PT Talc Indonesia’s main talcum powder producer.  Our main factory is located  in Tangerang, Java Island, in Indonesia.

In the near future, we will also focus on manufacturing treated talc. Our talc is generally used for pharmacy and cosmetic by our esteemed customers, but it can be used for food, and others as well. If there is any need to contact us, please click here.

To make it short and memorable, we are using Talc Industri as our website’s name. “Industri” itself is Industry in Indonesian language.



The machines we are using are jet mill, PMT Mill, Raymond mill, Ball mill, Impact Classifier Mill, processing machine, rotary kiln, talc drying chamber, treated machine and sterilization machine. In addition, we have laboratory with wide variety of equipments ranging from whiteness meter, fineness meter, Image Particle Size Analyzer, Laser Particle Size Analyzer, and so on. In order to increase our product’s quality, we are currently proposing for the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) license.



Please refer to all the information we can provide in the meantime. All information provided here is correct by the time it was updated. More information please click here. We will update with more information as soon as we progress. We appreciate your patience and we offer you our gratitude for visiting our website. Please refer to the navigation menu on top or at the bottom to help you where to go next.


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